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Hello and welcome to the weight watcher site: wwpoints-recipes.com!


I’m Ionela and I run this wonderful little website.

A little information about the site:

  • wwpoints-recipes is short for weight watcher points and recipes
  • The blog was started in August, 2008
  • We specialize in providing you unique food recipes that are sure to please
  • Our blog offers excellent weight loss secrets and tips to our avid readers

As a weight watcher myself, I feel your needs and hope that we have a good time losing weight together.

Check back often because the blog is updated frequently.



Danielle 03.02.09 at 11:47 am

HI there, a friend of mine refered me to this site. I love it! But I am new to WW and wondered how many points is the minimum to loose weight. or does it go by calories?

Mimine 03.03.09 at 10:17 pm

Je suis tombé par hasard sur le site en cherchant des recettes de WW . J’aimerais bien commencer un régime car je pèse 71 kg et mesure 1m58, j’ai déjà fais un peu WW mais à la maison avec le livre de point. J’avais arrêté et j’ai repris pas mal de poids donc je cherche de recette pour mis remettre.
Et je suis tombé sur ce délicieux carré au fromage hummm, merci
ça me donne un petit coup de pouce pour commencer sur un bon pied. Les soupes à 0 point, pour commencer le repas c’est bien.
Alors merci …

ionela 03.04.09 at 12:55 am

Hi Danielle,

I am so glad that you find my website helpful — that is what it is all about!

The specific amount of WW Points / Calories / etc. that you should consume in order to lose weight is dependent upon your individual body characteristics.

I recommend this website as a source for your future reference.

Good Luck!

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