Another great night at the Boisdale, the Scottish Restaurant!  We pushed the boat out a bit and we were all terribly terribly drunk. Mouth like the bottom of a birdcage this morning and a terrible head with eyes like the proverbial holes in the snow. Just checking my empty wallet and credit card receipts I see it set us back about 200 quid per head but these prices keep out the riff raff. Apart from the Chelsea types who insist on vodka  when there is the finest range of malts this side of the river - you know who I mean - the ‘nouveau riche’ who haven’t a clue and whose names end in ‘itch’ . Anyway cannot remember anything about the food or the drink but I remember about the Live Jazz London, the best in town.  Vague recollection of Piers slobbering in the corner with owner Ranald (is that his real name?) scrounging a free cigar and a malt - old Piers knows the score - well you just have to read his reviews! I think it is called sycophantic or psychopantic or something - sorry my head hurts… Piers - I recommend Boisdale’s cigar terrace for those who live or visit London Good Luck to you old Chap! So the Boisdale - great place for a free whisky and cigar.